Shalom Farms & Olive U Standard Poodles-

Setting The Standard for Standard Poodles since the late 90's, and Guaranteeing Our Puppies for Life!!

About Us:

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website and learning more about us and our breeding program!  It is important when buying a puppy to know where the puppy comes from, and the type of person who has been raising possibly the newest addition to your family. We are a family run business, everyone in our family has their own standard poodle, who they spoil (or two or three, like me myself, (Simmone).  What can I say, Standard Poodles are addictive!!!). They are our best friends... they are our family.

     We try on a daily basis to humbly serve our Heavenly Father, and we try to run our business in a Godly way, upright and truthful with value and morals. We believe that every animal is a blessing from our Father in Heaven, and should be treated with love and compassion. We do not believe in kenneling our dogs, we feel like they are breeding and helping us support ourselves, and produce outstanding puppies from top bloodlines for loving pets or show, and they should be treated like Kings and Queens (Standard Poodles are so elegant, they just have royalty written all over them!) They sleep on our beds with us, and have free run of the house, we believe in feeding top quality all natural dog food, with no by-products or fillers, we also give them fresh raw cow milk from our family dairy cow, and supplement them with a raw diet to ensure they are as healthy as possible! We have 25 beautiful acres here in Maine that the dogs can run and play on, and a creek that they absolutely LOVE swimming in during the summer!

     Our goal is to produce the happiest and healthiest puppies possible, with size, beauty, brains, temperament, and quality. We believe in breeding "Quality" not "Quantity" which is why we only have a few select females. We like having a smaller breeding program, because we can give more attention, and be more devoted to the puppies, and their parents. Please remember when considering buying a puppy from a large breeder, that with having too many litters, or too many dogs, the dogs and their puppies do not get the attention and dedication that they should.  Our Standards are our family members first, we do show, but not if it will interfere with the dogs happiness (example: some dogs just don't like the ring, other simply hate all the grooming and enjoy swimming and getting muddy all too much).  We evaluate each dog before breeding for quality (confirmation), temperament, size, health, physical and mental condition (for young females having their first litter, or females that have had previous litters) to ensure our babies are as healthy and happy is possible.

     All of our dogs come from top lines, and we have done extensive research on their bloodlines before breeding. Most of our dogs come from Jolette Poodles, all have Pinafore in their pedigrees, along with Whisperwind's, Lake Cove's, Dassin, Delta's, Donnchada, Bibelot, Kaylen, Gulfbreeze and many other top bloodlines, including  "MBIS Ch Whisperwind's On A Carousel"  who won Best-In-Show 1991 at Westminster, and won over 100 additional Best-In-Shows, we also have BIS Ch Lake Cove's That's My Boy who also won at Westminster.

     All of our puppies are raised in the house with us, they are born by our beds, and we handle them daily. We take them for rides in the car, and in pet-friendly places once they have had their vaccines. We try to socialize our puppies as much as possible, so we can make the transition to their new forever home as smooth and easy as possible.

     We are more than happy to answer any questions, or help you through any "road bumps" you may have with your new puppy. We do not want to see our dogs ending up in the pound, should you ever decide that you can no long care for your standard, please contact us, and we will help you find them a suitable home, or  returned to our care. Please contact us if you have any questions, we LOVE talking poodles!! Happy puppy buying! And may God bless and be with you!!!